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About us

Hannah Bernard-Donals, President

Hannah Bernard-Donals Hannah has been involved in Mothers' Milk Alliance from its infant stages. In the beginning Hannah drew labs, held milk in her freezer and answered calls from both donors and recipients. Over the years, Mothers' Milk Alliance has grown and now Hannah serves Mothers' Milk Alliance through performing lab draws and serving on the board as president.

Hannah Bernard-Donals

Hannah sees working with Mothers' Milk Alliance as a natural extension of her experience as a midwife and certified lactation counselor. Hannah is the mother of three young adults, while they no longer live at home, all participated in helping move donor milk in the early days of Mothers' Milk Alliance. In her free time Hannah enjoys cooking and baking, reading, yoga, walks in the fresh air, and watching way too much TV with her husband.

Laurel Edwards Franczek, Vice President

Laurel Edwards Franczek Laurel started working with Mothers' Milk Alliance in 2011, during the process of MMA forming into a non-profit organization. Laurel serves MMA as one of the triage coordinators and freezer hostesses on the east side of Madison, helping recipient families troubleshoot their babies' nutritional needs while sharing breastfeeding information and resources.

Laurel also volunteers with La Leche League and works as a Respiratory Therapist at the VA hospital. She is wife to Chris and mother to sons Ian, Alex and Erik, none of whom bat an eye at the frequent milk exchanges flowing through their home. With their two dogs, Laurel enjoys walks on local trails and in dog parks, plus reading, gardening and coffee breaks with friends.

Johanna Hatch, Secretary

Johanna HatchJohanna’s journey to milk sharing began with a too-full freezer when her son, Liam, was 7 months old. Through serendipitous connections, she was able to help another local mother reach her goal of feeding her child breastmilk past her first birthday. After the birth of her daughter, Aurora, Johanna was eager to continue and became a milk donor through both Mothers' Milk Alliance and the Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. Johanna believes human milk is the birthright of all babies, and happily joined the MMA team as a freezer hostess in Verona.

In her professional life, Johanna is a registered nurse and student midwife. In addition to her work with MMA, Johanna volunteers as a La Leche League Leader. She enjoys biking, yoga, home brewing, and traveling near and far with her family. Johanna Hatch

Laura Lewein, Treasurer

Laura LeweinLaura is the daughter of a midwife and remembers going on trips with her mom to pick up coolers full of breastmilk. So it only felt natural to get involved with Mothers' Milk Alliance as a milk donor after the homebirth of her daughter in 2015, and then later as a freezer hostess in the summer of 2016. Laura is grateful to be a part of an organization that is helping increase access to breastmilk for all.

Outside of Mothers' Milk Alliance, Laura works as a prenatal nurse at Access Community Health Centers, enjoys running, playing ultimate Frisbee, CrossFit, volunteering for Ice Age Trail Alliance and camping with her husband Alex, and daughters Maya and Sonja.

Ingrid Andersson

Tehmina Islam Ingrid performs lab draws and health screenings for milk donors, and with her husband, Hannu, manages the MMA website. Ingrid founded MMA in 2007 is very grateful to all the deeply caring volunteers, mothers, partners, family members, health professionals and advocates who have made Mothers' Milk Alliance a sustainable milk-sharing model. Good things take a good village.

Ingrid is a nurse-midwife, activist and poet. She loves live music, good story-telling, gardening, traveling, and being with her family and other marvelous animals (30,000 honey bees, 2 dogs, 5 chickens, etc.)

Noel Fernandez

Tehmina Islam Noel learned about MMA through her work as a community Midwife. She jumped right into her role as an east-side donor screening option, after attending a MMA board meeting and immediately falling in love with the organization's mission and the passionate people involved. Noel deeply appreciates being part of an organization that provides constant reminders of all the love and goodness in the world.

Noel is mama to Kaleb, Aster, Frankie, and Blanca and loves getting to raise her babes in a community where they are seeing, learning from, and becoming social justice activists!

Tehmina Islam

Tehmina IslamTehmina Islam Tehmina first became involved with Mothers' Milk Alliance as a midwife offering milk donor screening for women on the east side of Madison. She continues to play this role for the organization as well as serving as Board treasurer. The beautiful connections among all involved with MMA, as well as the organization's heartfelt, important community mission, keep her at the table.

Tehmina IslamIn addition to volunteering with MMA, Tehmina serves her community as a Licensed Midwife providing home birth maternity care in Madison and the surrounding areas. She keeps racial disparities in birth outcomes at the heart of her work and sits on the Fetal Infant Mortality Review committee and serves as a facilitator for the Institutes for the Healing of Racism. She lives on the northeast side and is proud to be a part of MMA.

Alix Loniell

Laura LeweinAlix Loniello discovered the wonderful world of human milk sharing by supporting doula clients through their infant feeding journeys. She quickly became convinced that family milk sharing must be a biological norm! Alix is delighted and honored to serve families in the Madison area as a birth doula, CLC, childbirth educator, and nurse. She believes strongly in the idea that when one gives time and resources to one’s community, they receive much more in return. She loves volunteering with MMA, La Leche League, Pregnancy Options WI (P.O.W.E.R.S.) and the Institutes for Healing Racism.

Alix enjoys making art, taking naps, long distance running, reading all the good books, and spending time with her wonderful family: partner Dave and children Addison, Sebastien, & Valentino. Alix feels so lucky to be a part of MMA. What she loves most of all about being a freezer hostess is hearing donor and recipient stories!

Tanya Mudrick

Tanya MudrickTanya is honored to be an active member of the Mothers' Milk Alliance board of directors. In 2012 when her son Oren Jasper was stillborn at term, Tanya had the opportunity to pump and donate Oren's milk to other local babies who were in need. As a former midwife, a bereaved mother, and a milk donor, she can offer a unique perspective and deep compassion to bereaved donors. She knows firsthand how powerful it can be to help and connect to living babies when you have had pregnancy and infant loss. Tanya is grateful to the other bereaved board members of MMA for the incredible support they gave her when she was pumping and feels blessed to be part of this circle of strong women. She is also blessed to have a living “Rainbow Baby”, birthed by her wife, for whom Tanya was able to re-lactate. She is excited to be a community resource for induced lactation. Her Rainbow Baby was the recipient of a generous quantity of donor milk when her wife was diagnosed with cancer as Tanya’s supply wasn’t large enough after her wife, who was co-nursing, had to wean.

In addition to working with Mothers’ Milk Alliance, Tanya provides education and support to others about family led funerals and green burials. She enjoys making music, doing a variety of craft projects, and spending time with her family. Tanya, recently widowed, had a phenomenally supportive wife. She has two sons at home, a grown foster daughter, and three babies who live in her heart.Tanya Mudrick

Cathy Szudy, in memoriam

Cathy Szudy From the early 1970s up to her death in 2017, Cathy's life work was pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. As an RN, an international board-certified lactation consultant and nurse-midwife, Cathy was a trail-blazer on Wisconsin breastfeeding frontiers and was a founding supporter of Mothers' Milk Alliance. Helping develop milk-sharing systems in Madison and the Midwest gave her great satisfaction. Cathy was also a bereaved mother and always found time and words to help mothers who suffered loss. Over her career, Cathy helped thousands of mothers who needed guidance in breastfeeding, though her greatest pride and joy might have been the fact that her passion was passed down through her children: all her grandchildren were (are) breastfed.

2014 Community Breastfeeding Promotion Award

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