Chicago Yestet

Radio interviews

Band leader Joel Adams on Chicago Public Radio's "Eight Forty- Eight" program with Dan Bindert.

Reviews of the CDs and radio interviews

"Just Say Yes"

"Trombonist-bandleader-arranger Joel Adams and his Chicago Yestet have rediscovered an oft-forgotten truth: When the ironic sneer has become mainstream, unforced sincerity and directness aren’t only unconventional, they can be downright subversive" - Jazz Times - link to pdf

"The band oozes with crafty pros and mighty soloists, plus smoldery singer Maggie Burrell and spoken word artist Rob Dz. The latter two inevitably dominate this session. “In The Here And Now” riffs on “Fakebook friends” and the social media paradigm shift. Burrell’s lyrics are darkly confessional, not glib postings, and “Thursday Night Blues” is an unsettling update of “Don’t Explain.” Her melancholy vocals, with rich coffee flavor reminiscent of Oleta Adams or Roberta Flack, dwell on the struggle and compromise of societal and personal progress, or lack thereof." - Downbeat - link to pdf

This powerhouse 13-piece heartland jazz band shouts and signifies mightily, striving to bridge America’s huge political divide by universalizing the group’s social values. On the CD cover, the Yestet’s name and album title adorn golden meshing gears—the economic promise of an America that works together, by contrast to our dysfunctional “just say no” Congress.

"Jazz is Politics?"

"Jazz Is Politics? showcases the compositions of trombonist and Chicago Yestet leader, Joel Adams, whose pieces are impressive, dynamic, well thought out and performed brilliantly. This large ensemble of ten features excellent individual musicianship and a solid rhythm section that both swings and grooves throughout, maneuvering the twists and turns of these intelligent compositions. The horn section is tightly knit and continuously weaves in and out of the pieces but doesn't dominate the music like a classic big band might. Additionally, the Yestet is joined on three tracks by creative guitarist Jeff Parker and by Rob Dz, who provides spoken-word lyrics in a political context and whose presence makes this disc even more interesting." - Chicago Jazz Magazine

"In the case of the Yestet, these personalities are socially conscious ones, and their collective impact isn't just a musical statement but a platform that educates listeners about political issues and rallies them to respond. " - Isthmus  out of Madison, WI.

" Having an all-star team of musicians from the Chicago jazz scene would do the band no good were it not for Adams' tastefully intriguing compositions and arrangements. When the Chicago Yestet asks Jazz Is Politics? it seems the only answer is: yes." - All about Jazz