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Ingrid Andersson, RN, CNM, MS

Ingrid Andersson och Kai
Ingrid Andersson in Småland, Sweden

As a girl on my family's small farm, I grew up with normal relationships to processes of life. I never thought of them as “normal” until I lived in places where animal foods seemed unrelated to real animals, and birth and death were visible only as announcements in the newspaper.

Many of us are seeking to return to more normal, real and loving relationships with food, our environment, and other forces that shape our health.

I became a nurse to become a midwife, and a midwife to attend women at home. I have worked as an ecological midwife, writer and health advocate for over 16 years.

I studied midwifery at Frontier Nursing University in Hyden Kentucky. FNU has a benchmark history in serving low-resource families at home. I have a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelors of Arts in Cultural Anthropolgy, Scandinavian Studies and German Literature.

I am the Founder and President of Mothers' Milk Alliance, Inc., a Board member of Women's Medical Fund, Inc., member of the Dane County Public Health Fetal and Infant Mortality Review team and former Steering Committee member of Wisconsin Environmental Health Network. I have been a regular guest speaker in the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and Department of Gender and Women's Studies, as well as at Edgewood College, Madison College and Dane County Emergency Services. Prior to midwifery, I worked as a volunteer family crisis intervention counselor and later as a doula. For 8 years, I worked as an RN in high-risk antepartum, postpartum, newborn and breastfeeding care at St Mary's Hospital (SSM Health) in Madison. While a nurse, I travelled to Kenya to learn from traditional birth attendants and British-trained midwives.

My practice is dedicated to my mother, Karolina. My uneducated immigrant mother, and millions of women like her, experienced fear and humiliation in the hands of medical practitioners. My mother never understood what really happened during her labors, why nurses and doctors treated her cruelly, or what medications made her unable to remember birth and made her milk dry up. But my mother did know, as millions of women do, how to raise children committed to taking back relationships at the heart of life.

Hannu Andersson

Hannu and Kai Andersson

Community Midwives would not exist without the tremendous physical, intellectual, and emotional support of my husband, Hannu. Hannu expertly handles book-keeping, web design and maintenance, office improvements, lab runs, snow-clearing, home maintenance, dog-grooming and just about everything else under the sun. As a native Swede/Finn, he grew up where the midwifery model of care has always been the cultural norm.

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Kai Andersson

Ingrid and Kai Andersson

Our 14-year-old son, Kai, was born at home with his pappa, mormor (grandmother), primary midwife (Kate Brethauer) and other strong women present. Kai helps maintain the popular sibling playroom adjoining our home office, is skilled with a vaccuum cleaner and is becoming an IT wiz who helps me solve smartphone and computer problems. Kai helps care for our two little Dachshund-Bichon sisters, Astrid and Elodie. He is the primary caregiver for our four chickens.

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Miranda Welch, MA, CD(DONA)

Miranda Welch

My path to birth work began with social justice and community building. Several years of disrupting systems of power while healing traumas that permeate our communities have given me a deep understanding of the relationships of systems to our lives.

We deserve better.

We deserve culturally appropriate, individualized care that is evidence-based. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We deserve the right to make confident, informed decisions for ourselves. We deserve full and absolute control over our own bodies and sexualities, and to be raised in ways that honor this.

As a doula, my philosophy is We Deserve Better. While I did not become a doula to become a midwife, I am now a midwifery student, opening and learning with the intention of providing the care that we all deserve. As a midwife, I hope to continue transforming our cultural and political landscape of birth for the betterment of individuals, families, and communities.

I have been a professional birth doula for nearly 6 years and am a member of the Madison Doula Collective. I earned my Master’s in Gender and Women’s Studies from UW-Madison and a Certificate in Sexuality Studies from the University of Iowa. While an academic, I taught Human Sexuality and Women’s Health, as well as Sex Ed for middle and high school students. Prior to birth work, I spent 4 years supporting survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. My article, “Culturally Appropriate Doula Support for Queer and Trans Parents” was recently published in the textbook “Women, Health, and Healthcare.”

I believe homebirth is an option rooted in the respect and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities. I am honored and excited to continue on this path toward midwifery with Ingrid and the families she serves.

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