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The global fee for services offered by Community Midwives, LLC is $4500. This does not include postpartum and newborn charges. For Badgercare and Insurance billing, a professional midwifery billing service is used.

Please ask me for the detailed payment contract that fits your situation: Badgercare, Non-HMO Insurance or Self-Pay. Everyone working with Community Midwives receives the same individualized attention and access to resources regardless of method or timing of payment.

Madison-area HMOs (Dean, Group Health Cooperative, UW Health, Physicians Plus, Unity) do not currently cover out-of-hospital midwives or homebirth. If your insurance plan does not cover midwives and homebirth, we encourage you to write a letter of complaint to your company and to cc the State Insurance Commissioner. (State Insurance Commissioner - complaint form)


Badgercare typically covers the majority of midwifery, homebirth and newborn services. A process of HMO exemption is required for both mom and baby. Registration with Larsen Billing, Inc. is also required. These processes, as well as specific services covered by BadgerCare, are detailed in the Community Midwives BadgerCare contract.

Non-HMO Insurance

Non-HMO insurance companies typically cover the majority of midwifery, homebirth and newborn services. Verification of benefits is required. This process can be done for you by Larsen Billing, Inc. and is detailed in the Community Midwives Insurance contract. Community Midwives may bill you for deductibles, co-pays and services not covered by your insurance.

Self-Pay Prepay Discount

Community Midwives offers a discounted, all-inclusive, out-of-pocket prepayment fee of $3500. Self-paying clients frequently use tax-deferred health or medical savings accounts to pay for midwifery and homebirth services.

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