St John´s Wort

Supplies and Preparation

These pages build on a conviction that your body and baby already know and possess what is necessary for childbirth. This page condenses a few evidence-based and logistical essentials.

At our first prenatal visit, I will give you a printed handout that describes what preventive care and birth at home can look like. It includes a complete list of practical items to have on hand by your last month of pregnancy. For items you don't already have, the handout suggests best sources, including a link to my custom birth kit supplier, Ma&Me. You can access the handout here: Welcome.

I supply everything not listed on the supply list, including a labor pool, pool liner, newborn foot printers and newborn vitamin K.

Please print and complete the Client Registration form below to bring along to your first prenatal visit. If you don't have a printer, I'm happy to give you a hard copy. Please also read about your health information privacy rights.

Client registration form

Your health information rights