Links to Love


Harambee Village doulas.

La Leche League - Madison Chapter - important breastfeeding resource during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Lumos doula service.

Madison area midwives - lists all homebirth and hospital midwives currently in practice in the Madison area.

Madison doula collective.

Madison new born care - a newborn care and postpartum support agency.

Mother's Milk Alliance, Inc. - an award-winning breastmilk-sharing resource for Dane County families.

Wisconsin Doulas Of Color Collective - a village of doulas of color.

Wisconsin Environmental Health Network - a unique collaboration of healthcare professionals and environmental advocates working to protect and educate the public regarding toxins, pollutants and other harmful exposures - don't miss the Prenatal section!


Childbirthconnection - a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of maternity care in America, with excellent guidelines for choosing a provider and birth setting.

Science and Sensibility - a well written, well sourced Lamaze research blog addressing issues and options in pregnancy, birth and beyond, including homebirth safety.

Environmental Working Group - an invaluable research-based clearinghouse for examining what's in your food, water, sunscreen, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.

Consumer Labs - identifies best quality nutritional supplements and health products based on independent testing, an invaluable resource in absence of federal regulation (full access requires membership - feel free to ask Ingrid for office access).

Kellymom - user-friendly, super helpful tips and best evidence on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting, hosted by Lactation Consultant Kelly Bonyata.

Spinning Babies - terrific suggestions for doing what we can to optimize fetal positioning.


International Confederation of Midwives - works to strengthen midwifery and reproductive rights and services globally.

American College of Nurse Midwives - professional association that represents Certified Nurse-Midwives and Certified Midwives in the United States, offering education and advocacy, as well as national find-a-midwife resources.

North American Registry of Midwives - professional association that represents Certified Professional Midwives in the United States, offering certification, education and advocacy.

Wisconsin Guild of Midwives - professional association that represents Licensed Midwives (CNMs and CPMs) in Wisconsin, offering education and advocacy, as well as find-a-midwife resources in Wisconsin.